What is Critical Thinking Challenge

Do you have a kid who's a math whiz and loves solving challenging puzzle,  then he will love to participate in our annual Critical Thinking Challenge!!!

It is a Team Competition that promotes problem solving and analytical skills, encourages teamwork, build confidence - all while having FUN!!!    

Our Manalapan supplemental learning center takes part in an annual Critical Thinking Challenge.  A little competition is exciting, especially when there is a $1,000 grand prize at stake! We’re inviting your child to take part in this year’s competition, and registration is open now through April 30, 2016.

Eligibility and Challenge Details

Your child is eligible to take part in the Eye Level Critical Thinking Challenge if they are in the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth grade for the current (2015-2016) academic school year. They do not need to be enrolled as a student at our Eye Level Center, but it may be worth visiting one of our locations to take a look at a sample Critical Thinking Test.

Important Dates

The preliminary round of the competition will take place at our learning center on May 7. Students will complete a 25 question paper test, and this will determine which individuals will make up the team that will advance to the final round. The advancing team will compete at the final round competition for the New Jersey region on June 7th.


Don’t delay! Registration is going on now for the Eye Level Critical Thinking Challenge. Click here to visit the www.criticalthinkingchallenge.com , and don’t forget to contact us with any questions that you have about your child’s supplemental learning and critical thinking skills.

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