Power of Math Tutoring

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With the new Common Core standards and testing requirements adopted by schools in New Jersey and across the nation, there’s a greater emphasis on ‘teaching to the test’ than ever before. But the fact is, test prep usually involves studying older exam questions and the right answers to them, and this approach has been shown in many studies over the years to actually lead to lower test scores. Understand, this isn’t about examining the questions and discussing why one answer is correct and another isn’t. It’s simply saying here’s the question and the answer is this.

This type of intensive ‘cramming’ is counterproductive, and is also highly stressful on students. Students aren’t learning anything with this kind of test prep, and it results in lower scores.

A slow and incremental approach such as is practiced in math tutoring results in greater knowledge retention and subject mastery. A child’s mind isn’t a receptacle that can be opened and data poured in. Real learning involves a personal connection between the tutor and the child, an understanding of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly time to convey fundamental concepts and build on them. Math tutoring over time is especially effective for imparting real knowledge.

Forego ineffective test prep and enroll your child in the award-winning Eye Level program, and watch your child’s test scores soar.