Why to choose Eye Level Tutors

According to education statistics compiled by the state of New Jersey for the 2013-14 academic years, Marlboro schools rank from just above too well above average in the performance areas of academic achievement, college and career readiness, and math and English proficiency.
They also compare very favorably to other schools across the state. So if your child is a student in Marlboro schools, they’re receiving an education that is above average, at least as far as government educators define that. But if you think your child is capable of a higher level of academic performance, then it’s quite possible that they won’t realize their full potential in the public schools.

That’s where Eye Level tutors can help. The Eye Level approach is effective as a supplemental reinforcement to traditional teaching methods because:

->It utilizes the principles of self-directed learning
->Encourage students to take a more active role in the learning process.
->In close one-on-one collaboration with the student

The tutor can better identify which elements of the subject matter are being mastered, and which require more focus. Self-directed learning recognizes that a student isn’t just a sponge passively soaking up knowledge through osmosis, but an integral part of the learning process. Through hands-on instruction, a student gains a better grasp of how abstract concepts actually work in the real world. But perhaps the best part of learning with Eye Level tutors is that it’s fun. Students discover that learning can be exciting, and their motivation rises accordingly. And that excitement and motivation follows them into their public school, empowering them to rise above the average.

If you’re ready to help your child achieve their full potential, Eye Level is ready to partner with you. Contact us for more information. (732) 851-7086